The TRUFFLES AND MUSHROOMS of Tiberio Roncuzzi is a small family business operating in the truffle sector since 1984. The company sells fresh truffles in Italy and Europe and produces products based on preserved truffles and mushrooms. The passion for finding truffles began in 1981 first as a personal interest and then as a genuine business activity.

generale03Sales are direct in the same region and neighbouring areas while products are despatched to more distant areas of Italy and Europe (so that the product does not lose its quality during transport). For more distant countries (such as America, Australia, Japan) fresh products are despatched in special refrigerated containers. Products based on preserved truffles and mushrooms do not need refrigeration as they are contained in sterilised hermetically sealed jars. Our products are produced in our process facility without colouring or preservatives and keep for a number of years after the date of production.

During these twenty years of activity we have taken part in a number of fairs and events, in particular we have been present since 1991 at the Regional White Truffle Fair in Dovadola (which takes place on the third Sunday in October). Our products have also been awarded prizes for their quality, in fact we won the Quality Prize for ten years (the most beautiful and fragrant basket of white truffles) and the ‘Tartufo D’oro’ first prize for three years (the heaviest single truffle weighing 600 gr. over the thirteen years of participation).